With Linda Trichter Metcalf


“I am still wondering what happened to me over the week. I have the most wonderful
feeling of peace and calm; that awful feeling of belligerence, which I have had for
most of my life, seems to have faded. It gives me a great sense of relief.”

- Valerie Myers, retreat participant           

How to Hear Yourself:
A Proprioceptive Writing Immersion

What is it like to really hear yourself? Unlike ordinary hearing, it’s like entering a world where you know yourself differently than you did before. Following certain simple rules while you write opens a gate to this blissful realm. The more you immerse yourself in this practice, the further you travel from ordinary self-judgments, and the greater your confidence to think in new ways.

Through PW you can: quiet your mind, focus your thought, clarify your feelings, and ignite your imagination. If you feel cut off from creative expression, you can reconnect to your authentic voice through PW.

For the last thirty-five years, Linda Trichter Metcalf, originator of PW and co-author with Tobin Simon of Writing the Mind Alive, The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice, has pioneered writing as a way to heighten consciousness through inner hearing. At Intensives, Linda guides you towards hearing yourself in new, often liberating ways.

Newcomers and experienced practitioners all learn together.
Five-day Intensives include evening poetry writing sessions with Tobin Simon.


Big Sur, CA

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Wisdom House
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